About Us

The 3D geoinformation research group is part of the Delft University of Technology, and is affiliated with AMS, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. It focuses on the technologies underpinning geographical information systems (GIS), and aims at designing, developing, and implementing better systems to model 3D cities, buildings, and landscapes. These systems help in environmental modelling, urban planning, crisis management, automated cartographic generalisation, information modelling, modelling of the interior of buildings, etc. It is a multidisciplinary group, consisting of computer scientists, geomatics engineers, and geographers.

Creators of the 3D BAG (in alphabetical order):

  • Bal√°zs Dukai
  • Jordi van Liempt
  • Ravi Peters
  • Jantien Stoter
  • Stelios Vitalis
  • Teng Wu