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PostgreSQL is an open source relational database. With the PostGIS extension it is suitable for storing and managing very large geospatial databases. Therefore, we provide a PostgreSQL database dump of the complete 3D BAG.

The 3D BAG PostgreSQL backup file contains all attributes and all layers that are available for the 3D BAG. The backup file was created with pg_dump, using the options --no-owner --no-privileges --format=directory.

Importing the PostgreSQL backup

The backup can be restored with the following command. Adapt it to your requirements if needed (read more at pg_restore).

pg_restore \
--no-owner \
--no-privileges \
--format=directory \
--jobs=8 \
<connection parameters> \
<path to the unzipped backup file>

The <connection parameters> are --port and --username for instance. The restore process can take a number of hours.